Can Kiss Hexa be used on the eyes instead of the mouth?

Written by Deanna. P


How about a Kiss for your eyes?

Last time I reviewed Kiss products, I said I would definitely use their products again.   They are reasonably priced & work well for me.  KISS is a global beauty brand that helps you bring the salon home. The largest manufacturer of professional-quality, innovative beauty products that include fashion nails, nail care, lashes, hair appliances, hair care and cosmetics. The Kiss product I recently tried was Kiss professional Hexa Palette Eyeshadow Pink Taupe KESPO4.  The retail price was $8.00.   The nice thing about this eyeshadow palette are the colors are very neutral & will look great with any eye color. I have green eyes & the eyeshadow definitely complimented my coloring.   It went on easy & smooth and lasted throughout a long day at work.   Six colors are included in the palette so you can mix and match and make your eyes look different for day & night. I thought this was on the inexpensive side for the quality & colors.  I would definitely say this is a great value for the money.



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