Commodity Cocktail Kit Review

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10 premium eau de parfum unisex fragrances

5 x 0.067 oz/ 2 mL White collection fragrances in Gold, Rain, Mimosa, Tea, Magnolia 

5 x 0.067 oz/ 2 mL Black collection fragrances in Whiskey, Book, Moss, Wool, Gin

Available at Sephora for $26.00



Honestly, Commodity had me at Cocktail.  And being the cocktail aficionado that I am, I hold this product near a dear to my heart.  I loooove unisex fragrances, and my go to is usually Bond No.9 New York Signature Scent.  But Commodity has come through to steal the show.  Unfortunately because I am a Bond girl, the compared longevity of most of the Commodity scents wear off rather quickly and that is the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars.  


Being able to mix and match these scents are what intrigues me the most.  At first I was timid and only wore one at a time.  Rain is a part of the White collection and it smells so fresh.  I’ve started using these scents as an expression of my mood.  Creating my personal ‘recipe’ and formula has been nothing short of interesting.  Mimosa and Rain become a part of my daily spritz when I need a mental boost; a reminder of a beach day with rays of sun warming my skin and the scent of the ocean breeze through an open window.  Ironically, before reading more about this company I noticed I was using certain scents to release a certain emotion or mood I was experiencing.  Commodity’s mission is to “find our inspiration in the creations of our collaborators and the emotions our scents, colors and textures evoke in you.” Eventually I started adding Book from the Black collection.  This scent was unexpected for me with hints of spicy cucumber and torchwood.  I’m really into woodsy scents and mixing this with Rain is my favorite.  All I need is about two sprays of Rain and a half spritz of Book and I’m feeling so refreshed.  Most of the time I grab a single bottle from the White collection and throw it in my bag to have throughout the day, which is easier than carrying around two or three different scentssince the White collection smells amazing all around. I can understand if the Black collection is a little too harsh for some women, but I enjoyed every scent.  Moss and Gin from the Black collection pair well with Gold in my opinion, but honestly I won’t get too deep about my preferences because I believe scents are such a personal experience.  Everything depends on your own mood and what you enjoy walking around emitting all day. 

The test kit I have is retailed at $26.00 which was perfect to test out whichscents I enjoyed the most and for travelling.  Sephora offers another kit at $45 which includes: 6 x 0.16 oz/ 5 mL Eau de Parfum Travel Sprays in Vetiver, Bergamot, Book, Moss, Gold, Rain.  I haven’t tested Vetiver or Bergamot but I would definitely splurge on the larger kit just to see what it was all about.  The Commodity kits are perfect for those who want to create their own scent, while Commodity does offer a selection of these scents in full and travel size bottles ranging from $35-135.00. 



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