Dr. Jart Face Mask Review

Written By Deanna P 

Last year during the holidays, I tried Dr. Jart+ Derma Contour System & I really liked it.  I really thought it made my face look younger & I finished the product.  Just when I was thinking about investing in a new kit, Dr. Jart+’s Neck & Chin Lift targeted hydrogel patch & Cheek & Eye Lift targeted hydrogel patch arrived. 


Just to recap on who this company is:

The company was started when a young dermatologist named Dr. Sung Jae Jung was running a clinic in Seoul.  He created creams that would help resolve complicated skin problems of his patients.   His friend JinWook Lee, an entrepreneur & one of his biggest fans partnered with him to launch the skincare brand.   The name is a combination of Dr. Jung’s name & the art of skincare. The brand took off in Korea & now is available in 15 countries around the world & in the USA.

Recently, I saw an article that asked the readers to guess the age of a Korean model.   I usually am on point with guessing ages, but I was stumped by this model.  I thought she was in her 20’s or younger & she was actually 39.  Her skin was like porcelain & the article definitely pointed out the superiority of Korean skincare.  Dr. Jart+’s products definitely prove this theory to be true.  The Neck & Chin Lift & The Cheek & Eye Lift come in a set of 2 individually packaged hydrogel patches.  They retail for $12.00  They both work to diminish lines & lift the area they treat.  There are no Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates in these products.  Both products contain these three ingredients that work in unison to make your skin look more youthful.

-Volufiline: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles and improves elasticity.  It comes from plant extracts.  

-Collagen: Improves moisture retention within the skin and provides hydration.

-Adenosine: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles and provides functional restoration by activating damaged skin cells.

The Neck & Chin is known as the Heart zone.  To use this mask, wash your face & apply toner, gently peel off film liner and apply mask so the cutouts can be attached to your ears.  Smooth the mask over the neck area and leave it on for 30 minutes & then remove.  Massaging mask with fingers will help it be even more effective. I saw a few complaints on line that this mask did not fit around the ears on some peoples faces.  It definitely fit mine, but I could see where it might be tight. The Cheek & Eye are known as the apple-zone. To use this mask, wash your face & apply toner.  Leave on for 30 minutes & remove.  Massaging with fingers will garner better results. I used both masks & I liked them both.  My skin did look rejuvenated after use.  I lookedmuch better immediately after using.  I do recommend using these when you need a quick pick me up on how you look.  I used them on a Friday & Saturday, before I had a big event.  I have to say it made a world of a difference.  My skin looked brighter, my lines were lessened, & I looked years younger. 

It was a great value for the money as they are reasonably priced at $6.00 per treatment.  Most mask are more expensive & a facial is $80+.


They can be purchased at sephora.com