Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask

By: Amanda V.

Calling all dry skin babes, Supreme hydration in a sheet mask is here! Actually it has been here I'm just a little late to the party. First of all I love any and all packaging by super adorable Korean brand TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL (their mascara has a dinosaur scribbled on it. A DINOSAUR! I LOVE). Not only is the packaging Cute AF but the product inside DELIVERS!!! YES!!! It's a win/win here. I decided to take this mask to work with me to get me to relax a bit during one of my vey rare breaks. This mask claims to clarify and remove dead skin cells and and moisturize and firm your skin to look youthful, fresh and... GLOWY!!! (100 points for Radiance)

I excitedly ripped open the package and was ready to slap it on my cleansed face. The mask has a net protecting it from ripping I assume. It's pretty... uhh... gooey? There is so much excess serum in the packet but that's nothing to complain about because HELLO! More nutrients for your skin. With the mask on my face i could feel my severely parches skin soak up the product. The mask kept slipping off and I don't think it was because of the slippery goop of "egg cream" making the mask slide off but because I couldn't stop laughing at how horrendously ridiculous I looked with it on. It gave me a good laugh. The texture of the egg cream serum is so silky. I left it on for about 20 minutes (do not go beyond that time limit, it will do the opposite of hydrating your skin, yikes!) and the redness on my cheeks seemed to have calmed down and i was left with a fresh, deeply hydrated, lit from within glow and silky smooth skin. For those super hot NYC Summer days you can stick these in the fridge for a little chill, pampering session. This mask is good for just about every skin type there is, even for you oily babes, it will leave your skin MOISTURIZED, not oily. the egg white nutrients reduces shine and gives more of a radiance to the skin rather minus the greasy look. This Egg Cream mask is cruelty free and free of harmful chemicals, also super safe for sensitive skin, no irritation occurred with this sheet mask which normally can happen to me with most sheet masks.

I heard many complain about the price $6 for a single sheet and $24 for a 5 Pack, which I personally think is an incredible price point and it does exactly as it claims. I'd rather spend $6 on a chance for glowing skin than a frilly frap at Starbucks. For $6 at your local Sephora or, you can kiss your dry patches good bye and say "Hello Lover" to Intensely hydrated, radiant, deeply cleansed, fresh skin.