Glossier Super Pure Super Serum

By: Amanda V. 

Once a Glossier gal, Always a Glossier Gal. I come to you with yet another exquisite product reviewed. When the cult millennial brand launched its Supers, I of course ran with the hype and grabbed a pack. I did use up all 3, but I didn't expect to really use Super Pure in particular, let alone finish the entire bottle. I get breakouts here and there but nothing major. That is... until about a month ago. I was super stressed out, super menstrual and my nutrition was super poor. All of that affected my skin leading it to also affect my self-esteem. I decided it was time to give this little guy a go. After using my Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser at night I would also use this serum right after. I chose to do it at night because my skin would remain cleansed without the addition of makeup. This way my skin could breathe and absorb the vitamins in this serum. 

This serum did calm down my stress induced and PMS breakouts. The more I used it the smaller the blemish and with less soreness and redness. This worked wonders for my skin and now I know what to use when I breakout again. Yes it works, but it does take some time so you must be patient. It's safe to say I am keeping this serum on my Top Shelf when my new shipment arrives. I think it's great to have during stressful times as well as a girl's most pleasant time of the month (10 points for sarcasm). 

What's great about the Glossier Supers is that you can mix them up or use them separately and it wouldn't throw your skin completely off. They're basically daily vitamins for your skin. 

The packaging is small and cute (.5oz of product to be exact) but the product is powerful. Vintage medical dropper vibes, like an adorably pastel prescription. You don't have to use too much, you get about 4-6 weeks worth of product if you use it everyday. It will last longer if kept to just treat occasional breakouts. This serum contains Zinc to purify the skin of pollutants and also contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to soothe redness and soreness surrounding the blemish. 

I highly recommend, especially to those who are acne prone, give this a try and see what it can do for you. Separately the Glossier Super Serums cost $28, if you purchase the super pack, the cost $65 plus free shipping (saving you $19! Thats 1900 pennies honey!) If you make your first purchase on, use this link to get 20% off!