Nars VIP Red Lipstick Review

Written by Ada H 

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed. NARS has that name and reputation where if you have the product then you know it’s great quality makeup with that sleek design in packaging.  Women who use NARS in my mind embodies this sophisticated, chic elegance. (I mean, I try, but don’t always hit that mark.)  This is my first time trying NARS lipstick.  I know, I’m super late. Better late than never right? So naturally, I was super excited! I love lipstick! I have so many different brands and shades. I have so many different shades of red, so this one added to my collection oh so perfectly.  It was Friyay, and the perfect night to take this baby out for a spin. “Paint the town red,” they said and I replied, “Yes, oh yes!”

First, I’m a huge fan of matte lipstick. 99% of my lipstick collection is matte. The problem with matte lipstick as we all know, is that it dries your lips out. I usually just use regular ole’ chapstick and it’s not a big deal. Most of the time I don’t even bother with chapstick though, it’s only for the super drying formulas. 

Yes, sadness. You know where this is going. It was soooo drying I begged my friend to borrow her chapstick.  The color was beautiful. It’s a beautiful dark wine red shade. It’s a shame. 

Not only was it super drying, but the color wouldn’t stay. I thought it was because we ate dinner and so it’s natural for the color to fall off.  I reapplied and carried on with my night to a cocktail lounge and drank out of a teensy straw and stared at hunk of a man across the room. 30 mins later I walked to the bathroom and was like omg why do I have to reapply again!? I always use lip primer, so like wtf? I hate wasting time on things I shouldn’t be doing again and again and again. That’s all I did all night, run to the bathroom to check my lipstick was still on. 

Sorry, I can find a similar shade with another brand that stays on longer and won’t dry my lips out this bad.