Nars Make-up Removing Water

Written by Ada H 

image1 3.JPG


I just wrote a review on the NARS matte lipstick in VIP Red. Just a recap, it wasn’t that great. That hurt my perception of NARS to be honest. I was sad. After using their water based makeup remover though, I was happy again! I’m a very simple girl really. You make good products and I’m happy. You make bad products and I’m sad. See? Simple.

I use oil based makeup remover. Why you ask? Oh, you know, BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW WATER BASED EXISTED. 

This changed my world. It’s the little things. Oil based makeup remover is so messy. Taking off eye makeup just leads to more of a greasy mess that’s already been accumulating all day with your natural oils sitting on your face. Then you’re smudging around this black mess and you just look plain scary. 

NARS Makeup Removing Water comes in a big 6.7 fl oz. bottle and you use it just like any other makeup remover. Dump some on a cotton ball and go to town. Except this really feels like you’re cleaning your face instead of just rubbing around oils all around your face making you look like a freak of a clown. 

I will be a fan forever. Oh and ironically, I used this to take off all of their sad lipstick. So happiness will always trump sadness. Bam. That’s deep.