Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel IGK Product Review

GK created a Coconut Oil Gel. I repeat, COCONUT OIL GEL!! Keywords: COCONUT OIL! 

This particular hair product has been on my radar for quite a while (for the obvious reason, stated prior). I've steered clear from hair gel FOR YEARS, but this product has pulled me back in. I've been applying heat to my hair less and less these days and I've been looking to dabble in some products here and there to see what will be good for me and my natural mane.


Written by: Amanda V



After finally getting my hands on this gem, I immediately tried it out on towel dried hair and later on I also tried this a couple of days into my blowout. When towel dried I normally tame my unruly hair in either a ballerina bun and this gives a great gold but leaving my hair soft instead of hard and crunchy so that when I loosen it up I'm left with pretty moisturized wavey curls. When used on my day 2-3 blown out hair, It gives this piecey, beachy, cool girl texture to the hair as well as major hydration which I need as much as possible. 


The consistency of this Gel is as weightless as my Glossier Priming Moisturizer making it appropriate for those with fine hair. It's more like a thin paste than a Gel. Although my hair has been growing and getting thicker the more I take care of it it's still considered fine and this genius product will not weigh it down or make it flat. It didn't even leave a gross white residue that some hair gels may leave. The light chic scent of this product is actually gorgeous, I have been complimented on it a couple of times. It's not overpowering whatsoever, it's just a pretty subtle hint of fresh fragrance. 


I actually cannot wait to use this in the warmer months as well or when I go on vacation to a warmer climate because this will be the type of lightweight, hydration my hair will need while still being styled. This Gel is free of drying and damaging parabens, sulfates as well as being safe for color treated tresses and also contains a UV Protectant. For my vegan friends, you will be ecstatic to know that this product is suitable for you as well as cruelty free. Yay Bunnies!! 


This is more of a high end hair product and can be purchased at Sephora for $27 for 5oz which is pretty steep for hair gel but it's completely worth the indulgence. It will last you a long time, especially the shorter your hair is. A little quarter sized amount goes a long way. It is ideal for all hair types especially those with thin, dry, damaged strands that are prone to breakage (HELLO, yeah, that's me!) as this coconut oil infused Gel restores nutrients and natural oils leaving your mane frizz free, hydrated and conditioned.