Glossier Priming Moisture Rich Review

Written by: @acevalle


I'm just going to go ahead and give this an extra star because it's that damn good. 6 STARS FOR GLOSSIER! I have NOT been wearing much on my face because I wanted to really see how much better my skin could become by sticking to a proper, simple skincare routine for 1 month straight. And I started as soon as I received Glossier's newest product, PRIMING MOISTURIZER RICH, which is basically their Priming Moisturizer on crack and it has been the key skincare product I've been using. 

Usually I go through winters stressed because my skin gets incredibly dry. If it's not the unpredictable NYC weather outside it's the dry heat indoors, it's a lose/lose situation. Many thick moisturizers are quite heavy and leave me looking like a grease pit, kind of like a barrier but without any absorption benefits which lead to my makeup just sliding off... gross. So I would usually skip the moisturizing step (NOT GOOD) because I would rather just be parched and able to apply makeup than be a slick mess. I needed a magical miracle. 

... and then Glossier Priming Moisturizer was created. This magical little unicorn of a product in all of its pale pink glory hydrates even the driest of skins (that's me!). It has a beautiful texture that is thicker and creamier than the original, yet still weightless and glides on while absorbing into your skin leaving it looking youthful, plump and glowing without the greasy look or tacky feel that many expensive luxury moisturizers may leave. The light feel of this deeply moisturizing cream is still as perfect as its original for being a great primer for makeup application. It is also hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance free as well as dermatologist tested making it gentle enough and appropriate for even the most sensitive skin. The Moisturizer also contains what they call Power Primers that improve the tone and overall texture of your skin as well as key ingredients that post up a barrier to protect your skin against harsh winter weather conditions and boys who are trouble. It is an actual Pink Power Ranger in a jar. 





Most germaphobes like myself are a little iffy when it comes to creams in a jar, but Glossier has assured their cult following that they have found a preservative system that keeps the jarred formula bacteria free! 10 points to GLOSSIER!!! I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their skin a d especially those who live where the winter weather doesn't love you. I completely trust glossier with my life because they've simplified my routine and have helped my skin improve and their products feel so luxurious that taking care of my skin feels more like a treat than a chore. This 1.7oz of power packed product is luxury with an affordable price tag of $35 plus free shipping (and if you use the code linked below you get 20 percent off of your first Glossier purchase). Deals on Deals honey!! Get to it!! 



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