What Works For You, May Not Work For Her: Trouble Maker Mascara by Urban Decay

Same Product.

Different Outcome.

Our Senior Content Creators, Amanda (@acevellee) and Danyelle (@bufferingbetty), reviewed the mascara that makes a pretty bold claim! Keep reading to see what our ladies thought about this mascara.



What I look for in a mascara is voluminous, thickening black pigment for my sparse, unruly lashes. A product without fallout is completely ideal. Formulation that hardens, making my lashes feel heavy is a must to avoid.


The textured, holographic tube is galactic and gorgeous. A refreshing alternative to the basic black and metal tubes. The slimmer brush is more like a comb and I’m just not feeling it.

I stabbed myself a couple of times with the spikes while trying to get to the roots of my lashes.


Apparently, Urban Decay’s is advertising this mascara as “sex-proof” (fun but reaching…). It’s also supposed to give sublime black pigmentation as well as 13.7 times the volume. For me, this mascara didn’t deliver 2/3 of its claims.


Amanda's Results


In my experience this mascara could hold up fairly well in a one hour gym session, experiencing minimal flaking and smudging. Along with longevity it also gave me a bit of length. Troublemaker absolutely didn’t volumize my lashes.

It separated them more making them seem more sparse and thin if anything.


I wouldn’t recommend Troublemaker Mascara because I personally dislike it. It didn’t do anything for me but with that being said, for someone with naturally thicker or fuller lashes, I guess this might work.



I really dislike mascaras that have a super wet formula. I'm always tempted to just leave the tube open for an hour to see if it'll age the mascara. I like my lashes to feel soft with a fanned out lash look.


This gothic unicorn packaging is my mood all Fall/Winter long.

I'll be honest: Packaging matters to me. Inexpensive or premium, makeup is a luxury. When I apply my makeup, I like it when the package to be hella cute. UD nailed the Troublemaker's tube! Also, I much rather have a rubber wand. I think they're less messy.


Sex proof, huh? Calm down. This claim was like Urban Decay was playing Truth or Dare with the whole of the beauty community. Dare: test it out! Truth: did you really check your mascara afterward? 

While I rolled my eyes at that claim, I was anxious to try a mascara that promised all this volume with a lightweight formula! I detest when I can feel that I'm wearing mascara. 

Danyelle's Results


I. Am. Feeling. Myself. With this mascara. 

Because my lashes naturally curl up, I don't want or need a mascara that has a lot of hold. All it's going to be is stiff and harsh on my lashes. The definition Urban Decay's Troublemaker gave my lashes without turning them into tiny shards of glass is exactly what I want. I experienced no smudging or flaking. I also LOVE how easily this mascara removes in the shower. OMG. I don't want to waste half my cleanser on removing mascara. It was fantastic!

staight m2.jpg

Do I think this mascara was top shelf quality? Eh. It's a great mascara for daily use. If you're looking for more drama to your lashes, you won't find it here. BUT!, this is what I want for like a regular Tuesday makeup look. Soft, dark lashes. Lasts all day. Easy off. The only tip I can offer is to use a dry, clean spooly to seperate any lashes that may clump together. That isn't an extra step for me. I do it with every mascara. 

Your turn!

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