A Statement Bath Bomb That Is Abreast With October's Pink Fight


Danyelle Valentin



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tons of brands launch a product and donate some or even all of the proceeds to help fight against breast cancer.



But this bath bomb really stands out! It's a much bolder statement that just making a popular item pink.



The Self Exam Reminder Bath Bomb is available for pre - sale beginning October 6th. When they announced this launch on Instagram, Mira, the owner, shared her personal connection with breast cancer and why this bath bomb is so important:

"My mother at the (age) of 30 battled breast cancer, I was just a kid at the time had not even hit my double digits yet. I remember seeing my mom going from a strong young and healthy woman to being (confined) to a hospital bed. Breast Cancer took my mother away, leaving behind 3 little girls."

We are all guilty of getting wrapped up in our lives that we forget how fragile life can be. But Loquita wanted to make a way to ensure you will definitely remember to give yourself a breast exam. 

"I'm getting close to the age she was diagnosed at, nothing scares me more than that, so I do my regular self exams in hopes that I can catch any lumps or irregularities early on. That is why I created this breast bomb, because what easier time to do a self exam than when you are bathing? It's easy to forget to check your self, but it won't be easy to forget when a breast is staring at you."

Loquita Bath and Body is passionate about breast cancer awareness. She is not just talking about it, she is doing her part. When you purchase this breast bomb, you will be donating to a breast cancer nonprofit or program. She also wants you to know that your self exams should not only happen in October

"Breast cancer awareness is about remembering to perform self exams REGULARLY and getting checked out. It is about being aware of what furthers your risk of getting breast cancer... Also this month I am going to a Breast screening center to get a Thermogram done and if you would like to know more about thermography and my experience we will be including bits in our ig story closer to the appointment Mid October." (her instagram)

Thank you Loquita for putting bravery in all of your work! We can see your passion and love it! 

If you haven't heard of Loquita Bath And Body, you really have to broaden your skincare horizon. It's 'bath and body con character' that caught some internet fame with they launched their Concha Bath Bomb. They merge Latin culture with wit and artistry to create skin care worth talking about. Pfft, Lush who?