Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 Review

By: Amanda V.

5 Stars


Behold!!! I have found the best damn eyeshadow formula on earth. I finally got my hands on one of Natasha Denona’s glorious eyeshadow palettes. I decided that I would first purchase the smaller 5 shade palette to see if I like it enough to throw down $170 hard earned dollars on the Star palette (I know, I'm insane). This product exceeded any and all expectations I’ve had. 


I decided on grabbing the palette in"4" which contains the warmer, more neutral tones. (One swipe finger swatches, with flash and without flash) 

I decided on grabbing the palette in"4" which contains the warmer, more neutral tones. (One swipe finger swatches, with flash and without flash) 


This incredible formula is absolute love at first swatch with triple heart eye emojis to the point that I could toss out every other palette that I own (but obviously I could never do that). These ultra pigmented eyeshadows glide on so creamy and buttery whether applied with your fingertips or a brush. The lighter shades in this whimsical dream of a palette leave a beautiful silky iridescent sheen on the lid while the slightly darker hues go on luminously intense in a single swipe. After I swatched and tried these out I was honestly so overwhelmed and in disbelief of this formulation. (Dramtatic much? Of course!) You don't necessarily need an eyeshadow primer but they last pretty long when used with a proper shadow primer. I used mine over my MAC Paint Pot in painterly, and the shades appeared more vibrant than without. These shadows  are pretty blendable and layer really well, but I still sit there and blend and blend until my wrist cramps. You might get a bit of fallout but that happens with just about every single eyeshadow from any and all brands. This product is gentle on the eyes and made without and harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates and phlalates as well as being cruelty free (YAY Puppies and Kittens!!) 



The ONE AND ONLY downside about this stunning product is that I absolutely hate the plastic packaging. If you've read my reviews before, you know that I'm a sucker for minimalism but there's a thin line between minimal and bland. For being an expensive product, it lacks the luxurious feel that it deserves. The packaging makes  this incredible product feel cheap. Thankfully the actual product itself is incredible. It's honestly too good to even knock a star off for that singular flaw. I found that with the lighter, shimmery shades "Aura" and "Moonstone", they double as GAWGEOUS highlighters. With these shadows I believe that because of the intensity of the ultra pigments, very little goes a long way. You don't have to keep dipping your finger or twirling your brush to keep picking up more product. 

These palettes are a bit on the pricier side of $48 per palette for just 5 shades (0.08oz each shadow), but completely worth it! There are 13 shade options to choose from of the "Eyeshadow 5" palette on, and Honestly, Beauties, 2017 is the year to treat and pamper yourself. Go ahead and give this brand of eyeshadows a try because the quality and formulation is unrivaled.