Lime Crime Diamond Crusher Review


It's very seldom that I post products with a low rating. I almost feel the need to not post the review. I am super positive and I am a firm believer if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all. I felt the need to share this review after spending my money on this product and gifting this to several friends during holiday. My friends probably hate me now, 


First I'd like to start off with packing, the packing is gorgeous. If I had to rate this item solely on packing it would be a 5, however we often fall in love with the package and the quality of product doesn't match. 



This product is meant to be used along side of another lipstick in order to provide dimension. Like a lipstick topper. The texture is very thin however very gritty it feels like exfoliating. NO and NO. Although the lip toppers consistency is thin it is very tacky. The smell is also weird. I am not a lime crime basher I love the products but with this product they totally dropped the ball....Sorry If purchasing I highly suggest not ordering this online go to your local urban outfitters and try this on in store before spending your cash.



Xo Pepper B