IT'S 2017 What's Next: Pepper.B

January 1st 2017: Notes From Pepper.B 

Toast to bringing in the NEW YEAR with a bang! I don't know maybe its just me but 2016 was epic for me. My entire year wasn't Rainbows and Roses however I GREW! This year was MY YEAR! The top of 2016 I had a self reflection moment. Nearly quitting something I loved whole heartily because I was in a rut and tired of the over saturation of the industry. I decided to put my all into rebranding my entire business. Which is honestly probably one of the hardest things for me to do! I grew attached to my older blog/website and grew comfortable with routine. You can't get to new places taking the same route. So I left behind my blog o 7 years worth of content in order to start fresh! give it my all or QUIT!! So I decided to give it my all. In just 11 months after relaunching and rebranding with the intention to rebuild a solid foundation. I had the opportunity of being featured in Self Magazine, B.E.T hip honors Make-up, Several beauty spreads with Artsy Magazine, New Brand Video, Launching my Brand Shop and Officially Branding My Business and the list goes on 

I want you to know I didn't mention my highlights to toot my own horn but more to say this to you. New Years Resolutions sound super cliche' I know...However if a resolution is whats needed in order to give you the ammo to make change DO IT. There is no expiration date on self improvement. Be the change you want to see! I am walking into 2017 putting less pressure on myself because at times I've been my worse enemy. Come on now "Putting less pressure" on myself doesn't mean slowing down my drive. This means staying focused and prepared, putting love for what I do out into to the universe and letting the love return. Don't  be afraid to write down what you want! Vision boards are the blueprint to your success story. Don't get caught up in deadlines allow things to happen as they should. This has been my greatest gain over the past two years is not getting myself worked up when something doesn't happen the exact way by the exact date I wanted. If I can count on my hands the amount of times something didn't happen the way I wanted but happened later on and worked out better because I was more prepared and wiser I would be rich. I think my hidden motto for 2017 is "STAY FOCUS & STAY READY" 

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to visit my website on a day to day basis. I appreciate you for being a supporter.  New visiters stick around Im just getting warmed up.  Last but not least I noticed a lot of people who have been around my entire journey! thank you for watching my evolution theres more to come!


Lets Kill 2017 

XO Pepper B