Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Throw some glitter, make it rain on ‘em is all I could think when I wore this liner. What is it about glitter?! Somehow it manages to make everything better. Your makeup, your mood, your credit score. Everything!



Urban Decay is one of those brands that knows what they’re doing? Their makeup performs beautifully, the packaging is fly, and you look and feel damn good when wearing their products. Whether your makeup tastes are clean and classic or gothic and all black everything, they got you. Urban Decay is one of the brands that we makeup and beauty lovers can depend on for a high quality product. They released the Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liners in six shades. The base of the liners are clear and packed with tiny little glitters that will put the cherry on top of any makeup look. The applicator is a brush tip that is dense enough to hold the glitter and flexible enough to help create any look to bring out the makeup artist in all of us. The liner layers nicely without clumping or crumbling. There is minimal fallout which is a miracle because, well, glitter.





Ever since I got my hands on the Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner in the shade Junkshow, I have not put it down. I’ve worn it half the summer and has lasted all day. The majority of the glitters are a mid-tone warm pink with accents of blue, peach, and green. This shade is so pretty! The second I swatched the shade, I wanted to pair it with one of Urban Decay’s most well-known eyeshadows, Fireball. The duo-chrome eyeshadow is a peachy, reddish shade that reflects an iridescent purple. It is my favorite eyeshadow so if it were to ever be discontinued, I’d be in mourning. I also like to use it as a cheek highlighter when I’m feeling extra. I created a warm brown halo look with Fireball as the center shade. I then layered Junkshow right over where Fireball was and fell in love. Junkshow and Fireball are a match made by the beauty gods. It isn’t always true that paying more for a product means you will get better quality but it is true in this case. I’ve tried the NYX glitter liners which run for about $7. While they are a great product and are much more affordable, they don’t have the same longevity or buildability as the Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liners from Urban Decay. The NYX glitter liners would crack and flake throughout the day if I layered the product for intensity. They do work really well on the inner corner, though. Whiel the Heavy Metal Eye Liners are on the expensive side, $20 to be exact, I think they are worth it! I need to get my hands on more shades!