Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil Review

Price Rating: Fair

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products have changed the game. Brows on point, cheekbones so defined that they can cut a bitch, and a highlight that will force haters to put their shades on. Does their Pro Pencil live up to our expectations of ABH?

 The pencil is available in 3 shades: Base 1, beige with yellow undertones; Base 2, beige with peach undertones; and Base 3, neutral taupe. The pencil has a tackiness to it that can be rough for the delicate skin on the eyes. The best way to apply the Pro Pencil as an eye primer is to warm up the product by applying the product to your fingertips then gently patting it where you need it. If you apply the pencil straight to the lid, the product will skip and tug at the skin leaving you with a patchy base. Patchy base means patchy eye shadow means I am staying home. This primer works really well with the bouncy cream like formula of Colourpop eyeshadows and makes them extra vibrant. The product is advertised as a multipurpose tool. On their website, ABH claims that this pencil “works as a brow and facial highlighter, concealer, eye shadow primer, or outer lip liner.”  I do not agree. The tackiness makes it an amazing eye shadow primer. However, as for all their other claims, the Pro Pencil falls short. I tested it out and it ain’t happening. Because of the tackiness, you do not want this on your face. Anything you apply on top of the base will cling in a very unflattering way. It also claims that the product will cover brow hair regrowth. While I have dark brows, but  I don’t think this product would even conceal light brow hairs.


If you are looking for a similar product that is more affordable, look into purchasing the NYX Wonder Pencil. It is also available in three shades and has a similar texture to it. The only difference between the two pencils is the thickness of the pencil. The NYX Wonder pencil is thin like an eyeliner pencil while the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil is stubby so you can cover more ground.

I have Base 2. The peach color works really well to neutralize the slight discoloration on my hooded lids and gave a light coverage to the prominent veins on my lids. It made my eye shadow last a good 10 hours so even though it is expensive, I think if you need your shadows to have that kind of longevity, the Pro Pencil would be worth experimenting with.


Available at; $18

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