Shalimar Fragrance Review

Written by Deanna. P


I have heard of the famous Shalimar scent, but I had never tried it.  This is a fragrance that was inspired by the love story between an Indian princess & an Emperor.  Shalimar actually means temple of love & the origin of the word is Sanskrit.  It is the the promise of eternal love forevermore.  

The Eau De Toilette comes in 3 sizes:

Complete refillable spray 30 ML
Spray 50 ML
Spray 90 ML

The spray is Oriental and some of the ingredients include iris, jasmine, & rose.  Also notes of vanilla, & the tonka bean. I tried the 50 ml & I am sad to say as much as I wanted to fall in love with the scent, I am not feeling the love.  It just did not smell good on me.  This is a great example of the issues I described in my Scentbird review,  Some scents just don’t combine well with people’s body chemistry.  The bottle is pretty & the story & long history of the fragrance &  brand speaks volumes about it.   It just unfortunately was not for me. If interested in trying, stop in any of the high end department stores, Sephora, or the Guerlain Spa to try it & see how it smell on you.   You could be pleasantly surprised as it all about body chemistry.