NEW Philosophy take a deep breath eye

By Deanna P 

oxygenating eye gel cream

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As we age, the skin underneath our eyes is one of the first things to show the noticeable signs of aging.  There are a lot of eye creams on the market, but it is important to find the one that works best for you. Philosophy a beloved brand on the market since 1996, has a great product line that includes eye care.   Their Philosophy is “we believe every woman deserves to have radiantly beautiful impeccably smooth and healthy-looking skin through products that deliver real life results.”   I have to agree with their assessment & tried their eye cream in the hopes of getting positive results.  take a deep breath eye works to help smooth, brighten, & revitalizes the skin underneath the eyes.  The cream is refreshing cool & easy to apply.  The directions say to apply a moderate amount 2x daily in the morning & evening.In a study 83% of woman saw a brighter well rested eye after 8 weeks of daily use.  I am on week 2 & there is a definite difference. Under my eyes is looking brighter & the fine lines seem to be diminishing. I credit the results on the ingredients which include barley leaf extract, caffeine & a peptide blend to name a few of them.   I will continue use of this product in the hopes that under my eyes get even more improved after continued use.

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