Limbo | Colour Pop

Looking for a good lip color but on a budget, let's start here. I try all products before writing any reviews. I give them a little wear, this is really important for me. Several times I've been in search for a direct answer on if I should buy a product and how it functions, I'm not given a direct answer or I don't believe what I'm reading. Working in the cosmetic industry makes me super apprehensive.

I am always in search of a good Nia Long brown lipstick. I am stuck in the 90's makeup routing and don't want to grow up. Needless to say I hoarder most brown lipsticks and probably own everyone that exists. Since I have this obsession, I am way more conscious of the amount of money I spend on lipstick, in order to avoid spending too much money on a lipstick that I will only wear once or twice.

I stumbled across Limbo from Colour Pop and instantly fell in love. Most good quality lipstick ranges anywhere from $15-$20, this one costs roughly $6 and I still consider this a good quality lipstick. Quality isn't always in what you pay but how much you love it. I am partnering this liquid lipstick with a matte lip color from Colour pop called Taurus. These will be my two favorite browns for February and March. I normally switch every two months. 

Colour Pop Limbo $6